Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yoo Seyoon and the G5 goes to China to kickstart a new travel program on JTBC

[Naver: OSEN] 'Abnormal Summit' G5 and Yoo Seyoon to China in JTBC's new travel program

JTBC officials: "On the 4th, Yoo Seyoon went to China with 'Abnormal Summit' members Guillame Patry, Zhang Yuan, Julian Quintart, Tyler Rasch, and Alberto Mondi to film for a new travel program...the shooting will go on for a week and is expected to air the first half of next year. The program's name and continuity of the program is not yet decided"

1. [+3607, -45] ㅋㅋㅋ Zhang Yuan must be excited to be able to brag

2. [+2617, -135] It was a nice episode to watch yesterday without Enes interrupting the others

3. [+1731, -40] Nice~~~ It would be nice if everyone could travel together though, but I hope the six of them will enjoy their trip and show a different side to 'Abnormal Summit'^^ I really like Guillame and Tyler

4. [+1266, -276] So Sam's not going..why not include him?
-Maybe he's busy with his movie?
-Does Sam even have time to go traveling? He seemed to be filming for a movie ...Sam is the busiest 
-Sam's busyㅋㅋㅋ Wouldn't he be the busiest amongst the 'Abnormal Summit' members?

5. [+1164, -389] Look at them inviting the members as guests just because 'Abnormal Summit' is popular

6. [+377, -6] They should take Gernial too! I like Alberto and Gernial out of all the members.

7. [+300, -9] It seems like Alberto's short on spending time with his wife because of filming..they even film on the weekends. It's a shame that Gernial's not going. 

8. [+281, -6] I'm anticipating Alberto since he can speak Chinese....

9. [+244, -11] Germany with Gernial, France with Robin, UK to see James..they should go to all the countries of the cast except for Turkey. 

10. [+207, -6] They should have gone with Gernial too....!


  1. sounds like a fun show :3 hopefully kshownow or some other subbing team with take it up~ orz

  2. sorry but please translate top comments of this article tks

  3. Comment #9: Are you kidding me? Do they think Enes is actually the representative of Turkey or they just don't want to be reminded of him since he is linked with Turkey? None of the AS are actual representative of their countries and it's frustrating that people think whatever they say reflect their countries accurately. Turkey is a beautiful country just that it's being misrepresented by a bad person from a show does not reflect Turkey's culture and place.

  4. "they should go to all the countries of the cast except for Turkey"

    This is so stupid, I can't even....
    Hey guys don't go to Korea because there is a guy called Kim Hyun Joong who beats women. He is just one person out of 50 million Koreans but still one bad person=the whole nation.

    /sarcasm off. Gosh....

  5. 9. [+244, -11] Germany with Gernial, France with Robin, UK to see James..they should go to all the countries of the cast except for Turkey

    Your loss then. Turkey is fucking beautiful, it's one of the most beautiful country I've ever been too.

  6. It's frustrating how ignorant they are to think Enes portrays turkey wholly.

  7. Pretty excited for the new show (since I really have no mood to watch abnormal summit anymore), and cant wait to see the casts having fun!! And I wonder why people even upvoted comment no.9.