Friday, December 5, 2014

Yoo Seungho ends his military service + Message to his fans




[Naver: Star News] Yoo Seungho's greeting on his fan cafe "Seems like there are only pictures of me cryingㅋㅋ"

Part of Yoo Seungho's message

After Yoo Seungho's discharge from the military, he wrote a message on his fan cafe:
"Honestly...I don't really know what to say right now. I got discharged, but for some reason, I feel like  I'm going to return to my unit....Before my enlistment, I remembered how I wondered why other celebrities were crying when they got discharged. However, now I know why they shed those tears. There was no way for me to hold in my tears. I had to express my emotions...I saw the articles, and there seems to be only pictures of me crying..."

1. [+9292, -434] Laughable celebrity soldiers, move out of the way! Yoo Seungho has returned!

2. [+7265, -71] He became a real man~

3. [+6153, -60] He's really lovable♥♥

4. [+6077, -27] He's still handsome......ㅜ.ㅜ

5. [+5234, -46] I'll be waiting for your activities. I'm really happy that he has returnedㅠㅠ

6. [+760, -7] I can tell that he spent his military life diligently, equal to the others. I hope for his success...and also, to the 'Fake Men' staff, don't bother Yoo Seungho

7. [+674, -7] You cool little rascal! Different from the other celebrities that insist on going to college, he didn't even go to school and went straight to the army. What a proper and cool man. I think his parents raised him well. I should raise my son to be like him^^ Yoo Seungho will be an actor that will receive lots of love for a long time!!!


  1. wow, his skin is so flawless. i'm so jealous.

  2. Yoo Gods (along with Yoo Jaesuk).

    Just please. Don't screw up.

  3. ughhhh he's sooo sweet. bbbby <3.

  4. A genuine guy in the letter~
    Baby Yoo is back!!