Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TVXQ celebrates 4,000 days since debut

This is SHINee's Taemin and EXO's Chen and Kai. 
They made a 'T' with their hands. 
What could this possibly mean?

"We are T"
You know what this means if you're an SM fan.
It stands for and holds meaning to

It was a special day for TVXQ. December 7th marked 4,000 days since their debut. They performed on the 6th-7th at Olympic Gymnastics Arena for their live tour, 'T1ST0RY'.

They are holding their trophy. It is a celebratory gift on having a successful concert. 

These are gifts directly from SM Entertainment. They gave it out of thanks for sticking together for 4,000 days and to go on even until their 5,000th day.

Every after party needs a cake, right? 

We meet Changmin first in his waiting room. He is comfortably getting his hair ready and getting dressed. 

Concert attires

He looks good in any outfit.

Yunho is already dressed. He wears the same jacket as Changmin. Before his last makeup touches, he looks at the camera. Eye contact + smile.

It is finally time to go on stage. The TVXQ members gather with their back dancers. It seems like they still feel nervous even 10 years into their debut.

Now, shall we get this party started?~

Yunho is charisma, charisma is Yunho. He showed a manly force through his 'Why' stage. Doesn't it look like a pictorial?

This is sexy Yunho. He still stands out, even with all the female back dancers. This is a new song, exclusively revealed at 'T1ST0RY'. 'Bang' was written and arranged by Yunho himself.

A pink outfit is possible if worn by Yunho. He doesn't look weird even with a pink suit and matching, pink shoes. He is performing 'Your Man'. He has eye contact with fans during this stage.

It's Changmin's turn. He shows a chic charm with 'Double Trouble'. His live singing is stable even with his strong dancing.

He shows a sweet charm with 'She'. He arranged it into an acoustic version for the concert. He shows off his clean vocals.

But the most talked about part of tonight's concert was Changmin's tight abs. He even skipped out on soups and kimchi stews for his abs. It's really a work of art. 

But TVXQ shines the most when they are together. This is when they were performing 'Catch Me'. It's a pictorial even with them just standing.

Aren't bold stages TVXQ's signature charm? They captured the audience with 'Humanoids'. They shine brighter with their attire.

They look natural in front of 2,000 people. Honestly, 'Spellbound' has very complicated choreography but they make it seem so easy.

They prepared a special stage for their 4,000th day. They sang acoustic versions of songs in their album, handpicked themselves. The live band made it a touching stage. It felt as if they were singing songs at camp with the fans.

Acoustic versions are sweet~

But it ends with a performance. They wrap their 3 hour concert with 'Show Me Your Love', along with their back dancers. 

They gave their thanks, looking back at the past 10 years. They have endured this long because of the fans. Not only did they greet in Korean, but in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and English.

What was the response of the fans you ask?

It was just 'hot'. No, it was 'so hot'. That's how Cassiopeias  and TVXQ spent their night.

Ending here wouldn't be like 'Starcast', right? To end things, here are some handsome pictures.

EXO + SHINee + Changmin

EXO + SHINee + f(x) + Yunho

(I did not translate every sentence in the article)


1. [+2667, -124] TVXQ still looks fucking handsome even as they get older..

2. [+2150, -70] They really don't age ㅋ I've aged a lot since I was a high schooler...

3. [+2042, -117] Ah..just like now, keep on going till the end!!!! T.

4. [+1771, -100] It was really the best TVXQ concert. Congratulations again on 4,000 days, U-Kknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin ^.^

5. [+1600, -84] Congratulations on 4,000 days. Keep sticking together till the end~~

6. [+1175, -66] I'll be waiting for an encore concert~~~ Wahhhhh  ㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+1156, -89] I'm thankful for you guys protecting TVXQ and for coming to me. It was really the best concert. I'll cheer for you guys forever. We are T.

8. [+1045, -58] TVXQ hwaiting!!!! Congratulations on 4,000 days^^

9. [+956, -51] TVXQ's visuals are good

10. [+874, -53] The concert was really fun. I want to go againㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  I want to see the oppas againㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 


  1. Congratulations.. T1ST0RY is daebak concert. never imagine that changmin will shirtless!! I want the concert come to my country T^T. I want sexy Yunho and shirtless Changmin. and... ofc, wanna see their sing LITI. T^T

    [+1600, -84] Congratulations on 4,000 days. Keep sticking together till the end~~

  2. TVXQ <3 <3 <3 Yunho & Changmin <3