Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tablo and Haru leaves 'Superman Returns' + Uhm Taewoong to fill in

1. [+20561, -776] Haruㅠㅠ Grow up well

2. [+15013, -807] Haruㅠ It's too bad because I was growing attached. Please show us more nice sides of you in the future

3. [+132559, -1180] Hul.......I can't see Haru anymore??????? But I liked watching Haru...

4. [+12457, -3356] I know that Tablo's a really great dad but he didn't fit in with the 'Superman' concept. I hope he can show better sides of himself in Epik High and I hope Haru will grow up well and healthy.

5. [+8770, -423] It's been said Uhm Taewoong filmed for his first episode, so, as expected, Haru is leavingㅜㅜㅜ

6. [+2043, -252] Haru is just a really cheerful, innocent, and kind kid so I hope she grows up well and even more prettier^^ Now they can take care of Haru more freely, without being restricted on broadcast!

7. [+2197, -543] I've always liked Haru the best in 'Superman', but to those that mindlessly judge the kids just because of difference in guys are too much. Haru-ya, grow up well

8. [+1940, -301] I've been touched a lot because of Haru....what a shame. I hope she becomes a kid that only talks with pretty words..

[Naver: My Daily] 'Superman' PD, "Why of all people is it Uhm Taewoong?" (Interview)

1. [+6328, -615] Yeah. Why out of all people is it Uhm Taewoong.... didn't the PD watch '2 Days & 1 Night'...

2. [+4340, -429] Doesn't he know that he's boring? Does only the PD not know of this?

3. [+3747, -272] Broadcasting is all about connections too

4. [+831, -57] It's already enough with just Daehan Minguk Mansae, Sarang, and Seoun Seojun

5. [+709, -29] Seems like Uhm Taewoong uses KBS whenever he needs it

6. [+680, -77] Uhm Taewoong's acting is too cheesy.. I hope he won't film for this kind of child caring program..I feel like it would be boring 

7. [+669, -68] It's enough with just Sarang, the twins, and the triplets. Why is the PD so greedy when 'DWAWG' is even taken off air

8. [+536, -35] I don't think the PD even watched 1 minute of Uhm Taewoong in '2 Days & 1 Night'

9. [+499, -18] I don't think the PD watched '2 Days & 1 Night'. Aside from his image as a dad, he's not an exciting person. It's enough with just the triplets..

10. [+485, -23] It's just because the PD is greedy. He doesn't even know what the viewers want and just repeatedly adds and takes out members


  1. Tho it was getting kinda boring but i never wanted tablo and haru to leave ..😭😭

  2. So much upvotes ~ Makes me happy that kind of reaction. It proves that Haru is really loved by the people. I'll miss them so much, they are my favorites ;;

    BTW, just found out this blog~~~ Keep the hard work and thank you so much!

  3. Am I the only who's excited about Uhm Taewoong?