Thursday, December 18, 2014

Music Video trends of 2014

엑소 ‘중독’ 뮤직비디오 속 원테이크 기법

One takes

EXO brought attention with their one take MV for Growl.

In 2014, EXO's 'Overdose', DBSK's 'Spellbound', Taeyang's 'Eyes, Noes, Lips', Red Velvet's 'Be Natural', Super Junior-M's 'Swing' used the one take method as well.

에픽하이 ‘본 헤이터(Born Hater)’ 속 숨겨진 메시지를 담은 장면

The fun in searching for hidden meanings

In 'Born Hater', there is the concept of the '7 sins'. Each artist that appears in their scene represent one of the 7 sins in a fun way.

Also, in the collaboration MV, 'Sogyeokdong', with Seo Taiji and IU, there are hidden messages. In each of their MVs, it portrays Sogyeokdong in the 1980s and shows a pure love and friendship between a boy and a girl. There was a double story in the two MVs, with hidden messages and meanings. There is no right answer to the hidden meaning.

However, it's just part of the fun in searching for the hidden meanings.

슈퍼주니어 ‘마마시타’ 뮤직비디오 속 멤버들의 연기

Our artists that can even act

Enough to be called 'acting-dols', singers are actively taking part in acting. It just further proves that singers have many opportunities to act, especially when it comes down to story telling based MVs. In 2014, rather than actors partaking in the MVs, the singers themselves act in it.

Super Junior's 'Mamacita', Infinite's 'Back', Beast's '12:30', VIX's 'Error'

[Naver: 10 Asia] Exploring the MVs of 2014

1. [+292, -12] I liked the song and the MV for Born Hater bb

2. [+314, -12] The song and MV for Born Hater were both good

3. [+271, -12] I'm a born hater~~~I liked it and it left the biggest impression

4. [+190, -4] There were a lot of good releases but for me it's Born Hater... the lineup was the best and the 7 sins concept as well as the MV were fresh

5. [+184, -30] The most surprising thing was that AOA's MV was a gaming advertisement and if you watch closely, Winner's Color Ring was advertising the's no joke


  1. And the there was Orange Caramel lol.

  2. One shot MVs do have a certain charm but they're kinda boring and the amount of effort it takes to pull them off is far above the appreciation they will get from the average viewer.
    Only film and editing geeks like me would like them.
    I do like SJ's hilarious MV for Mamacita though. It's nice to see them own their playful side without care for naysayers.

  3. i hate drama mvs tbh, like i watch the music video to listen to the song and watch the choreography not to invest my time in some storyline i'm not interested in

  4. Let's be honest the only one group who can make all the 'Mamacita' concept a success is SJ, because they don't really care at all about their image!!! XD

  5. Are you familiar with the game - spot the difference? You compare two pictures that are supposedly copies of each other, except there are slight differences between the two that you have to spot. The video concept is like that, which I think matches their song "my copycat". I'm not a 100% sure, but I think the song is about a girl who's frustrated because her boyfriend doesn't treat her the way she wants to be treated, so she tells him to "copy" her. Although my explanation seems serious, the song is very lighthearted so take it like that XD