Sunday, December 14, 2014

'K-Pop Star 4' Lee Jina tops charts with 'Follow Your Heart'

[Naver: Illgan Sports] Lee Jina tops music charts 'perfect vocals'

1. [+2339, -344] The song's nice but it wasn't that good..

2. [+1913, -244] Personally, I thought it was just okay after listening to her....was she really that good?

3. [+1722, -245] Her voice is limited to certain genres... I don't think she's going to win

4. [+1498, -398] Even if the piano accompaniment sounds great and she has a quality song, shouldn't a singer, foremost, be able to sing well?ㅠㅠ I'm not really the type to leave comments but I was just frustrated.... I mean, the general public aren't professionals and aren't people that do music...right? Something about this song is frustratingㅠㅠㅠ  No, just Jina's voice in general is..... and even if her voice isn't common, there are singers that have my type of voice too... it's frustrating hearing her sing...ha

5. [+1372, -390] The song's weird. The music industry is screwed up these days.

6. [+306, -44] So the people that like Lee Jina's singing are those that have high musical standards and the people that don't like her singing are deaf?  Reading the comments. . . ha

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  1. Jung Seung Hwan is 1st at music chart and has been staying 1st for a whole week (still is) at many different music charts, so why isnt there any article about him? Just curious since I've seen him trend at #1 too st naver trend.