Friday, December 5, 2014

Infinite F debuts with 'Heartthrob' on Music Bank

[Naver: OSEN] 'Music Bank' Infinite F's comeback, fresh charms ↑ 'Heartthrob'

1. [+427, -39] I honestly worried for the three of them but their singing sounds nice. They also match well with each other and it seems like they improved since last time so I'm happy!!

2. [+306, -28] How refreshing and prettyㅠㅠ♡

3. [+284, -25] Infinite F, hwaiting♥♥♥

4. [+285, -24] I like how the Infinite unit is fresh and sweet. It's also nice to see Siwoo^^

5. [+249, -22] A sweet stage~ Where is Sungjong's necklace from...? Pretty~~^^

6. [+103, -14] Is that really L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong...the members that were always bashed for their singing skills? Seeing them today, their live was stable and they did does it seem like they're faking their live singing...I'm sure there will be people that will put them down still. I bet they didn't even watch..because the truth doesn't matter to them

7. [+91, -13] Honestly, their live singing was daebak. As expected, they're the best. The other kids are sinners. While the others lip sync, our kids sing liveㅋㅋ The best. 

8. [+81, -10] If you compare them to when they debuted, you can tell that their singing improved a lot... especially seeing how they had stable singing while dancing like that. Infinite F hwaiting!!

9. [+74, -6] Isn't this the song that came out on 'Hi! School'?

10. [+75, -7] It's not a comeback but a debut. U!nit!de!but!


  1. This unit can bring INFINITE F(reshness) & Fun! ♡♡♡

  2. Wasn't really feeling the mv nor the song. But I like it better live. It's cute without being over the top. They can definitely hold their own live. So proud!

  3. is it jst me or it sounds like L sing the whole song??? He is like main vocalist cum lead vocalist cum visual of this sub unit...

  4. A pleasure to see good comments, the guys are doing well!

  5. INFINITE F means INFINITE L and his friends.