Saturday, December 20, 2014

Go Ara and Yoo Seungho confirmed for movie 'Joseon Magician'


[Naver: Star News] Go Ara and Yoo Seungho confirmed for the romance movie 'Joseon Magician'

1. [+717, -249] The combination of Go Ara and Yoo Seungho is fresh and new. I'm anticipating it.

2. [+2486, -229] Hul, daebak.. If you think about it, Yoo Seungho and Go Ara represent the actors in their 20s so I hope through this opportunity they will both find success.. I'll always be supporting!

3. [+1949, -171] Yoo Seungho with Go Ara!!!!! They match well ㅜㅜ

4. [+1652, -103] Even still, why is there a need to compare Go Ara with Lee Yeonhee........Go Ara's not an exceptionally good actress, but she's not really at the level to be compared with her...ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1418, -132] Wow...I'm really looking forward to watching the movie ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+197, -31] Go Ara's pretty but.. she always acts the same and, strangely, you don't really get sucked into her.

7. [+212, -49] Please just come out after practicing your acting... she seemed okay on 'Reply 1994' but....I'm kind of worried.

8. [+194, -42] I'm not bashing Go Ara but I don't think she'll match with Yoo Seungho very well...


  1. Go Ara's acting is a bit stale...

  2. yasss i'm looking forward to it !!
    Yoo Seung-ho do well ♥

  3. Hope Go Ara uses the wave of positivity she got from Reply 1994 to keep improving. She's definitely got potential to do better.

  4. idt go ara match with YSH either but Yoon Eunhye also doesnt look like she'd match with him yet they look ok in I Miss you so better not judge ^^

  5. Go Ara is a babe. She's a good actress, but being under SM labeled her as bad. You go for it baby girl, show them what you're made of.

    She's also so pretty. The most beautiful korean woman I've seen.