Sunday, December 7, 2014

EXID on Inkigayo with 'Up and Down'

1. [+4707, -168] Hani got so much out of that one fancam

2. [+3147, -280] Why is Hani unni so pretty, seriously.

3. [+3834, -1298] I guess it's inevitable.. look how they're getting popular through stripping

4. [+2013, -274] The song's nice. EXID, hwaiting!!! Pretty

5. [+1729, -243] Damn, Hani. Hwaiting!

6. [+334, -57] Most girl groups use the sexy concept anyways so what's there to pick on. Cheer them on.

7. [+322, -55] They really have talent and are seriously pretty...I hope they become successful on their next comeback with a nice song like 'Whoz That Girl' and are able to showcase their worth and talent.


  1. i agree Hani is pretty and has a great body as well

    Best of luck to EXID

  2. i loveee their outfit on inkigayo though :D

  3. Hey KNetizone, can you translate any articles about Shannon William's Inkiyago stage please? :)