Friday, December 5, 2014

'DWAWG' on its cancellation and replacement program: "Nothing is confirmed"

There were reports about 'DWAWG' having a high chance of cancellation, and in replace of it, there will be a show with a concept about taking care of pets.  

MBC officials told TV Report: "The cancellation of 'DWAWG' is not confirmed...a follow up show is only in discussion, but nothing is confirmed"

On the other hand, Jae Youngjae PD, who stated about the follow up show told TV Reporter: "'It's true that we are preparing for a show that will match with 'Sunday Night', but a concept is not decided...there are only discussions. Nothing is confirmed"

Faced with poor results, 'DWAWG' is in talks of being canceled. 

1. [+1026, 11] Don't write articles with baseless information and put it on the main page... 

2. [+765, -13] Lets write articles after knowing the proper information. When I was studying at my older school, the newspaper articles seemed to display accurate information but since they kept changing the information, it had zero credibility. 

3. [+649, -57] Ah... tomorrow it's doing 'Infinite Challenge'. I should just watch that...

4. [+487, -8] Journalist bastards going back and forth. Try to discuss things with each other and release a proper article. Tsk. 

5. [+389, -8] Then what was with that article earlier. 

6. [+61, -7] I don't like the 'Superman Return's staff's weird choices of BGM, captions, and CG. Without the triplets, 'DWAWG' is way more fun, has better captions, and the kids are cute as well. 

7. [+56, -4] Animals can't win over people. It will probably end after capturing people's attention momentarily. DWAWG, try to survive by placing everything on the line. Change the members, the staff, or the format; do whatever is possible. A concept like DWAWG is not easily made.  

8. [+47, -1] The quality of the articles are bad because they make anyone from dogs to cows journalists

9. [+43, -1] Going back and forth, seriously. I said to only write about things that are certain. 

10. [+47, -9] Please cancel 'Real Men'. It's boring. 

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