Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dramas that made the biggest impact in 2014

'You Who Came From the Stars' Do Minjun and Cheon Songyi

It boasts a viewership rating of 20%. Not only was it popular nationwide, but it brought lots of attention in Asia as a whole, such as in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, etc. The drama established and brought to attention words such as 'Do Minjun-ssi' and 'ChiMek' (Chicken + Beer)

'Jang Bori is Here' Jang Bori and Yeon Minjung

'Jang Bori is Here' was the biggest issue maker this year. Just from knowing the writer, a makjang was sure to follow, but the actors showed excellent acting and brought a reversal to the story. While it's true it contained all the factors of a makjang, 'Jang Bori is Here' was different. Oh Yeonseo and Lee Yuri took the spotlights with their acting. There's a reason why it had viewership rating of 40%.


'Misaeng' was the center of attention from its first episode and all the way to its last. Its best viewership rating of 10.3% was during its last episode. The drama brought attention to showcasing the reality of office workers. 

1. [+3775, -20] There were a lot of fun dramas this year but those three are legendary

2. [+331, -42] 'You Who Came From the Stars' Do Minjun and Chun Songyi are jjang~♡♡♡

3. [+301, -38] Misaeng Maybe it's because there were a lot of theatre actors in it, but their acting was so good, I enjoyed it.

4. [+156, -14] I enjoyed all three!! Please recommend me some dramas that already ended.

-Liar Game!!!!!
-God's Gift!!!!! Bad Guys ㅎ
-It's been a while but 'Reply'.
-King of Highschool!
-I enjoyed Jeong Dojeon, Bad Guys, Gabdong :)

5. [+173, -81] Let's put in 'Bad Guys' to the list as well you bastardssssss....


  1. It's Okay That's Love was the most charming to me this year; one of those dramas that leaves a lasting impression.
    Can't wait to watch Misaeng now that it's done airing!

  2. I'm still confused on the ending of God's Gift 14 days, but I still loved it. Triangle too.

  3. SBS dramas are on a roll this year

  4. it's ok it's love & misaeng r the best for me

  5. I add " Bad Guys " to my my favorite Drama list

    my favorite drama :
    Secret Garden
    A gentleman dignity
    Bad Guys
    empress Ki

    I would love to watch them again and not getting bored

  6. beside those three, Bad Guys also worth to watch... awesome drama.. ^^

  7. Oh yeon seo bori bori and jeon ji hyun chun song yi<3

  8. misaeng is personal fave ; n ;
    but i admit that you who came from the stars had the biggest impact.

  9. I actually in my opinion think that It's okay, It's love slay all this three, but idk, the raitings say more about all of them.
    It's okay, it's love is the most beautiful thing that I've seen in a while.

  10. I still can't move on from IOTL that I keep rewatching again and again and again ㅜㅜ

  11. Same here! I'm rewatching it now and it is still just as beautiful. Every character has depth and the overall message is nice too.

  12. well my favorites are misaeng, it's okay that's love, and liar game (even tho its not as good as the japanese ver but its still excting and plus point on lee sang yoon's bangs)