Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Appreciation for Hyorin barefaced

1. [+3486, -67] She doesn't look stunning but she looks better barefaced

2. [+2592, -52] Wow, I didn't recognize Hyorin..

3. [+2500, -150] Hyorin barefaced looks pretty though?

4. [+2156, -65] I like Hyorin better without makeup

5. [+2041, -114] I mean, she looks pretty barefaced. Why does she bother putting on makeup?

6. [+1413, -44] Hyorin, seriously, just smile like that and wear lighter makeup

7. [+1123, -36] Hyorin looks prettier without makeup~ People like her put on makeup to have a more stronger impression

8. [+906, -40] I think she looks better barefaced

9. [+844, -25] Hyorin looks way better barefaced but.. the picture came out good

10. [+722, -29] Excuse me, Hyorin-ssi, exactly why do you put on makeup? 


  1. She really does look better without makeup or maybe it is just this picture but she looks good

  2. You can tell at least both of them didnt get forehead transplant

  3. Whoaa she looks so different. Make-up really changes her features, I like her bare-face more~

  4. She's so cute :) she wears makeup to have a stronger impression as the knetz said. I like her with both <3