Sunday, December 14, 2014

'3 Meals a Day' vs. 'Roommate'


[Naver: OhmyNews] Why can't 'Roommate' work out like '3 Meals a Day'?

1. [+13303, -184] '3 Meals a Day' seems natural, but I feel like 'Roommate' is staged

2. [+11270, -260] It's boring and too hectic. You guys can't win over Lee Suhjin.

3. [+9486, -210] There's nothing fun to watch on public channels these days

4. [+5782, -776] Just stop. The writer is just asking for hate by writing these kinds of articles. It's personal preference. Why is there so much to say.

5. [+4517, -89] Isn't it obvious.. the PD is important in a show

6. [+964, -16] 'Roommate' gives us relative deprivation. Celebrities living in a fancy Seoul home with several rooms and a yard ..and yet are those cheesy gatherings part of the suffering concept of the show??

7. [+867, -10] That's just the difference between a natural show with good editing and fun captions and a fake show that's boring with poor editing. The PD is the problem.

8. [+801, -16] 'Roommate' is a bit hectic because there are too many personalities. In contrast, '3 Meals a Day' brings a relaxing mood and is funny in a subtle way

9. [+747, -13] I don't understand why they keep showing the members suffering out and about when the original theme of the show was roommate.


  1. Comment #4 is right, it all comes down to personal preference and there's no need to compare them to bring hate just let people enjoy what they watch.

  2. I think with roommate, they wanted it to be something like "Big brother" where they record what's happening inside the house 24/7. but because celebrities have to be so careful in Korea or they'll get in scandals with every little thing, they can't be as free as western celebrities, so it's impossible to record something so freely, there'll always be someone telling them what to do to stop scandals from happening.

    it's so sad that celebrities can't be comfortable in showing their true self and being free because everything is so scrutinized.

  3. Idk what is 3 Meals a Day about but I'm currently really enjoying Roommate. But one thing I really dislike about Roommate is that the structure of the show is way too scripted: Outings, whiteboard time, mealtimes, and GUESTS.

    There's guests in basically every episode. While having guests once in a while may be fun, having them over every week defeats the purpose of Roommate. It's called 'Roommate' for a reason - People want to see interactions among the cast, not interactions between the cast and guests.

  4. three meals a Day has Guests on every episodes too.
    I loved Roommate too. But Three Meals a Day is different. And more intertaining. :)

  5. "There's guests in basically every episode. While having guests once in a
    while may be fun, having them over every week defeats the purpose of

    ~100% agree!! That being said, i so wanna watch Three Meals A Day but like no one is subbing it! T_T...heol.

  6. Exactly @ No. 9. Every week the roommates are also suffering to one chore after another (not talking about house chores), but let's say they go to buy fish. Instead of simply buying the fish, they must catch it. Or instead of buying wheat, they must plough it or whatever...etc etc. Plus the constant bringing of guest. I agree with what @ashtontbh said on that.

  7. Wah~~~ Thanks for the mention. I've been trying to find where to watch it subbed!! LOL...thanks!!