Monday, November 3, 2014

The battle of the girl groups in November

에이핑크, AOA, 헬로비너스(오른쪽위부터 시계방향)

[Naver: 10 Asia] A Pink, Hello Venus, AOA.. November's girl group battle

1. [+5250, -915] From those groups, A Pink is the best

2. [+4239, -774] AOA really seems to be coming out a lot;; I'm anticipating A Pink the most

3. [+3723, -578] They're all using the sexy concept except for A Pink

4. [+2756, -1127] Isn't A Pink on a different class than the others

5. [+3197, -648] Let's hit daebak A Pink!!

6. [+460, -79] A Pink is the girl group who are the most comfortable to watch with your parentsㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+440, -85] They won't exceed Soshi, Wonder Girls, or 2NE1's height of fame, but A Pink and Girl's Day will lead on the other girl groups

8. [+400, -72] A Pink > AOA > ............Hello Venus

9. [+387, -74] Isn't A Pink the most popular out of the three..?


  1. it's like when the new pokemons came out. they were there but no one cared

  2. Happy to see Hello Venus again after such a long time <3

  3. Not really excited...still waiting for Miss A comeback. YOU HEAR ME JYPE!

  4. Its just we have different taste in music and groups.. I just like Apink! Apink fighting!

  5. It doesnt matter to others.. but to Pandas we are waiting for Apink comeback and hoping it will be daebak! Dont be so rude to others it may come back to you..If u dont like them dont comment..

  6. Guess it's gone...the generation when girl group battles include snsd, 2ne1, 4minute, kara etc

  7. I am anticipating for aoa. Heard their medley loved it.