Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shannon Williams debuts with 'Daybreak Rain'


1. [+2338, -55] So it seems like Kkwangsoo and the Hidden Singer PD were working together to push her more~

2. [+2036, -68] Shannon stated before being a fan of some other female singer, but on the IU episode on 'Hidden Singer', she was all acting and crying over IU; it's still freaking funny how IU got flustered because of thatㅋㅋ And isn't it about time to stop mentioning IU? Even on yesterday's articles, they seemed to be milking off of IU's name. She piggybacked her way to recognition through IU this whole time so cut it out now. It's a fact that she's known all thanks to IU. 

3. [+1773, -60] I didn't like how she came on the 'Hidden Singer' IU episode as an IU fan

4. [+1699, -53] Didn't she cry on the IU episode???ㅋㅋㅋ I totally didn't understand why she was cryingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1398, -47] During the time for her stage, I wanted to hear more of the others. Is 'Hidden Singer' some kind of music program like 'Music Bank'..this is becoming more absurd, I'm becoming more wary of seeing her

6. [+202, -7] Why did she debut on 'Hidden Singer'; it's busy enough trying to watch the others

7. [+188, -6] It seems like the 'Hidden Singer' PD is friends with Kwangsooㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Hey, she's not even some audition star, so why debut on this kind of program? What's with this bullshit.... I seriously don't like her. She came on 'Star King', acting like BoA was her role model, and then came on 'Hidden Singer' all crying.. from then on, I fuuucking hated her. I don't like how instead of trying to get popular as a singer off of a good song, she's using all these other tactics. Ah, and also, stop mentioning IU when writing articles about her. I was all excited and watched because it was IU's episode, but it felt like I stepped on shit. 

1. [+5089, -120] It was a bit too much when she lip synced yesterday on Hidden Singer....

2. [+4359, -150] Who are you!! She was lip syncing yesterday though? Please refrain from mentioning IU..

3. [+3236, -97] Lip sync

4. [+2873, -61] Sometimes Inkigayo is on during lunchtime and sometimes it's on during dinner time. Set an official time slot.

5. [+1833, -57] Hm.........


  1. she did her nose ;___; the bridge looks higher from the side.. anyways i actually like her song! i hope people don't judge him too harshly just because she was from CCM

  2. still trying to figure out who this girl is....i feel like im the only one who doesnt know

  3. Shes mixed raced so maybe thats why her features aren't typical

  4. she was Star King few years back & later signed with CCM. She's from the UK I think...but yeah she's mixed.

  5. lol she didnt look obviously white to you? she looks nothing like typical beautiful asian/korean celebrities.

  6. Lmao at all of these comments. She's singing live this week, also you should all refrain from judging when you haven't even seen her sing aside from the debut stage (where most artists typically lipsync). She's got a set of pipes that beat your biases a million times over, up there with Ailee and Hyorin fosure.