Sunday, November 23, 2014

Roommate: A love line between Jackson and Huh Youngji?

[Naver: OSEN] 'Roommate' PD: "I didn't know Jackson and Huh Youngji's chemistry would become like this"

1. [+252, -48] All the articles about Huh Youngji are the same. Aren't you sick and tired of it part timers?

2. [+219, -33] Chemistry my butt. Just leave Jackson alone.

3. [+207, -39] Roommate as a whole is just boring

4. [+185, -42] I can see them hinting at a love line. Sigh...

5. [+125, -10] Huh Youngji saved Kara by herself; her being a member is a work from the gods. I don't even remember Nicole or Jiyoung anymore. It's always the same words with the same I.D.ㅋㅋ

6. [+99, -7] I watch because I like the combination of Lee Gukjoo and Sunny. A love line is disgusting..

7. [+93, -17] I watch for Sunny. Jackson and Lee Gukjoo are also nice to see but Huh Youngji and her laughing with her mouth wide open doesn't amuse me.

8. [+80, -14] Why don't you guys change the program's name. How about copying 'We Got Married' by changing the name to 'We Live Together'??


  1. Geez, he already clarified that he doesn't not have any love interest with Lee Guk Joo and Young Ji. Stop trying to make it happen.

  2. I personally enjoyed the first few eps of Roomate S2 because there was a focus on the idea of a family rather than things like lovelines. Jackson and Younggi are of a similar age and are both idols so obviously they'd get along well. They're going to make the same mistake they did in S1 even though the cast this time is so much better.

  3. Even if he did, he wouldn't say it anyways

  4. He loves song gayeon more~ I hope she can guested again on roommate lol

  5. Agreed, it's none of our business to know anyways unless he wants to announce it.

  6. There was a rumour that say roommate s2 was only for 10 episodes. I think they should really do it. I love the casts but I think this program are bound to get to criticism easily. Some people can differenciate friendships and love lines. Also there will be viewers who find some casts are rude just because they don't fake it too much.
    They need to change casts often so the viewers can't detect the script of that program, or getting tired of the members.