Friday, November 7, 2014

'Pinocchio' co-stars Park Shinhye and Lee Yoobi poses for a selca

[Naver: TV Report] 'Pinocchio' Lee Yoobi reveals a sweet selca with her rival Park Shinhye

1. [+2762, -297] I bet there's going to be comments again about who's prettier, talking about things like how their eyes look and how their nose look. They're both pretty and they both work hard. Be successful the both of you.

2. [+2868, -676] Natural beauty vs plastic beauty

3. [+2043, -236] They're both really pretty...

4. [+1711, -127] I just want to be half as pretty as them

5. [+904, -57] Lee Yoobi seriously has to worship plastic surgery technology. Of course Park Minyoung too.

6. [+453, -62] Lee Yoobi's pretty too but as expected, Park Shinhye looks naturally pretty

7. [+416, -59] Natural vs  man-made?? She's at a young age but to go as far as putting in that aegyo-sal ..

8. [+339, -60] She probably uploaded that picture thinking that she came out better than Park Shinhye


  1. I'm commenting here just to edit my profile.,,!!

  2. I find Lee YooBi prettier even if PSH is really pretty too but whatever I hope they do well

  3. Both are pretty but PSH didn't touch her face at all, while I can't say that ab LYB.