Friday, November 7, 2014

Noh Hongchul caught drinking and driving

Noh Hongchul was caught drinking and driving on November 8th at the Seoul Customs intersection.
The police could smell the alcohol from him. Noh Hongchul admitted that he drank soju and wine. However, he refused the initial testing and requested for blood testing instead.

Gangnam police: "He admitted to drinking under the influence at the scene. However, he refused the first round of testing and so we drew out blood."

Noh Hongchul stars in 'Infinite Challenge' and 'I Live Alone'. 

1. [+15087, -477] Ah, our God Yoo must be mad... why did you do that Hongchul-ah..

2. [+13183, -202] Dispatch is amazing.. how did they take the pictures 

3. [+12860, -170] ㄷㄷㄷLook at the class of Dispatch.. Do they follow around all celebrities??  How did they take pictures of this when it happened so early in the morning?

4. [+11327, -284] It hasn't been long since Gil left the show as well..I'm more worried for God Yoo

5. [+8760, -107] Oh my god......

6. [+2356, -43] Sigh. Hongchul-ah, but you've worked so hard to come this far, why are you trying to go on the same path as Gil...

7. [+2433, -128] How come Dispatch is so good at taking pictures like this but don't say a word about Park Bom and MC Mong? 


  1. They did talk about Bom and even explain everything us that you guys don't want to listen to reason since hating is easier for you guys as for Mc MG mong I don't know

  2. Why drink and drive... you might kill someone... why.

  3. Irresponsibility and lack of common sense, that's why. He should've learned from Gil but he's gonna ruin his career and reputation and even get kicked out of IC because of this. Why did he have to risk this? Is it that hard to get a taxi or have a friend drive for him?