Monday, November 24, 2014

Nicole uploads an Instagram picture of her fit body

[Naver: TV Report] Nicole backstage in 'Music Core'..."reveals her tight abs"

1. [+2695, 77] Her makeup looks bad.. she's still young but the makeup makes her look so oldㅜㅜ  her shoes look weird too.. I hope she changes her beauty salon...

2. [+1904, -173] Why didn't you just stay in Kara..

3. [+1070, -111] Guys, leave some comments for her

4.  [+1297, -450] Didn't she have the least presence in Kara

5. [+895, -214] Her body's really great.

6. [+236, -45] Whatever she does to her face, it always looks countrified

7. [+207, -24] Nicole has a grandma looking face so she should've just pushed for her 'Star Golden Bell' cute character. She looks more countrified and old doing a sexy concept like that. And is she really worthy of going solo? Exactly whose idea was that? Nicole's mom?

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