Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lee Hyori's fashion sense

Orange cotton onepiece 

Designer Yoon Sena: "The orange color of the dress, which is difficult to pull off without confidence, and the tight fit of it flatters Lee Hyori. She accessorizes with silver toned jewelry and shoes."

Patterned crop top + Patterned long skirt

Designer Yoon Sena: "She pulls off a wearable high-fashion look that shows off both casual and street style. The graphic lettering gives off a hip-hop feel. Lee Hyori finished off the look with her own style with bold accessories."

Black mini one piece + Thigh-high boots

Designer Yoon Sena: "The focus of this look is the stitching on the chest and the collared shirt. Lee Hyori, never failing to present herself as being capable of a fashion muse, looks beautiful and shows off her bold side."

Black see through dress

Designer Yoon Sena: "A look that shows off both a goddess and warrior-like feel. With the black coloring, tiger print and other various patterns, the see through dress looks romantic and sexy. The dress gives a warrior 'force' with the bold dress shape topped with the accessories and open-toed ankle wedges."

Striped shirt + Skinny jeans

Designer Choi Bumseok: "While the whole look matches together, it looks too country. Although she matched the fitted shirt with the high-waisted jeans, it hides her waist line and makes her torso look too long. The knee-high boots that she paired with her jeans actually makes her look shorter.

Trenchcoat + Black oversized bag

Designer Choi Bumseok: "She wears a trench coat, a clothing item that can be styled in various ways. The belt makes her look like she's wearing a one piece and shows off her waist and legs. Her natural hair and bag matches well with the outfit.

Gray blouse + Wide pants

Designer Choi Bumseok: "The whole outfit is sophisticated and classic. She matched the look with a well-fitted shirt and wide pants. If she had worn boot cut styled pants that cut at her ankles, it would have made her legs look shorter and less slim; the hidden high heels under the pants makes her look taller."

Beige cape coat + Black pants

Designer Choi Bumseok: "By matching her outfit with fitted inner wear and with an oversized cape coat, the outerwear looks more flattering. She shows off a chic feel and brings focus by wearing a red lip. However, the stuffy looking footwear was unfortunate. Had she worn stilettos, her legs would have looked more longer." 

Military coat+ Black skinny jeans

Designer Choi Bumseok: "She looks chic with the casual coat and black inner wear. The pants are a bit of a shame, however. 100 points to this outfit if she had tucked in her pants in ankled shoes. 

[Naver] (Weekly Fashion) From sexy icon to Solgidaek (Lee Hyori's blog)...let's at least dress like Hyori!

1. [+2241, -306] That's possible because it's Lee Hyori.....

2. [+2016, -325] Every girl still wants to be like Lee Hyori. Whether it was during her days in Fin.K.L, Ten Minute, or Solgidaek... that's what's amazing..

3. [+1926, -290] Sogildaek Lee Hyori still looks pretty..

4. [+1608, -248] Sexy, cute, easygoing, average. She holds every kind of charm.

5. [+1235, -191] There are Lee Hyori articles coming out everydayㅎㅎ How journalists make a living^^

6. [+195, -16] "She pulls off a wearable high-fashion look that shows off both casual and street style." Is this in Korean or in English or in farting

7. [+127, -19] A woman needs to find a good man and a man needs to find a good woman. I've seen lots of instances where women and men ruin their lives by meeting the wrong person. Hyori married well...marriage is really important. A person's character is more important than their looks or fortune...

8. [+122, -14] Those designer critics dress worse though..

9. [+154, -69] Hyori's a beauty and is likable. She's pretty even as she ages and since she's full of confidence, she matches other kinds of fashion styles well.

10. [+109, -36] Hyori unni is cool. With a face like hers, she had the power to marry a chaebol. She's different from other celebrities. She's honest and and has her own beliefs.


  1. beautiful lady <3 thank you
    please i wanna ask you something
    what about korean drama netizen comments ??? you will translate about variety shows only or anything else ???
    and thank u so much ^^

  2. Lol I completely disagree with the journalist. All of the dresses apart from the black mini dress are nice imo.


    I gotta say this is my absolute favorite. So on point.

  4. The first orange dress is just wow whe looks like she had no fat. amazing!
    I also like how she keeps her hair natural straight without any weird styling