Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Idols taking the university entrance exam

[Naver: TV Report] Idol test takers "Extremely nervous but hwaiting to everyone"

Yoo Seungwoo, A Pink's Hayoung, GOT7's Youngjae, B.A.P.'s Zelo, and Sonamoo's Euijin are taking the exam this year.

1. [+6300, -86] Aren't the ones that actually studied nervous?

2. [+5455, -60] Just don't get special treatment....

3. [+4394, -83] Wouldn't they be nervous about how their pictures will be taken instead?????

4. [+4362, -85] You guys have already passed anyways...

5. [+3337, -66] What's with the girl group called Sonamoo (pine tree).......

6. [+456, -9] It was honestly a sight to see when Kang Jiyoung and Krystal got into Sungkyunkwan University....yeah let's just say Krystal can do some acting but what exactly can Kang Jiyoung do..?

7. [+443, -9] If they're not even going to properly go to school then a choice like IU or Yoo Seungho's is 100 times better

8. [+424, -5] Honestly if they gave up on studying to become a celebrity then it's better that they give up completely. They already make a living for themselves. I hate special treatment. 

9. [+398, -8] Why are they taking the entrance exam when they didn't even studyㅋㅋ If they're going to be singers then why can't they just live like that. Why are they trying to waste space when they don't even go to school. 

10. [+335, -4] They should go to the college that matches up to their scores


  1. It's always good to have a backup plan. If being an idol doesn't work for them they will have the ability to go into the work force and have a salary paying job. Unlike the others who don't go to university they will struggle to find work. Clearly these netizen don't know anything if they think that it's useless for them to go into university.

  2. I think you're misreading their general sentiment. I think they're more frustrated with how they usually get special treatment. I don't think netizens care about whether or not idols do the exam, what is frustrating is that even though they probably don't have the time to study they still end up getting into good universities. The college entrance exam is ridiculously difficult and many people can only dream of getting into a well known uni. That said, these idols are just taking up spots without putting the equivalent effort in.

  3. That's rude for you and netizen to sit there and try and say none of the idols are studying..They have to work hard and study like the rest of the students but yes being an idol can be an advantage on the applications but its the same as getting a good recommendation from someone highly credible or doing 1000 hours of volunteer work or being in alot of clubs in high school. That's what you want on your college application something that makes you stand out including having good grades. So for y'all to judge them for using there idol title to their advantage is a little naive.

  4. Comments 8 and 9 do have a point though. Idols chose their career path as being an idol and therefore not prioritizing education. That is their job and if it doesn't work out then they can go in to education after their idol careers - or even acting. Being an idol also means that they get special treatment for a university place that they might not even be able to attend that often. Rather than that it'd be better to actually give the space to a student who has been studying for much longer than idols. They're more likely to attend all term and get a job in the future because idols are already employed whereas students aren't

  5. They mean that it's annoying for idols who don't study as hard as regular students, getting a place in college. It's not fair for them to take away the seats of the ones who actually study.

  6. 6. [+456, -9] It was honestly a sight to see when Kang Jiyoung and Krystal got into Sungkyunkwan University....yeah let's just say Krystal can do some acting but what exactly can Kang Jiyoung do..?

    didn't she quit to study overseas ???

  7. The actual main problem is they take spots for hard colleges that have limited number of seat, but do not really attend school after getting accepted. Some idols do not even major in singing, dancing or acting, so they are taking someone seat for a career they would not bother being afterward.

  8. the university that give special admission is private university so honestly they can do whatever they want to promote the school including give special admission.. and most idol go into acting or music major which is related to their career.. usually 2/3 idols that get accepted at the same university at the one batch.. and special admission didnt take any seat from regular admission..

  9. I'm just saying trying to explain what them netizens in the article seem to be upset about. They think it's unfair. It's their education system so they have a right to rant about it.

  10. it happened in my university like this,, if you at least win one award from any competition with the scale of nation you will get free ticket to get accept in government university.. whatever competition .. the example my friend won taekwondo competition and he get accepted in industrial engineering.. it makes me think it didnt had any different with idol.. because the idol that get special admission is the popular one, winning award best newcomer or etc

  11. But idols are not like regular students. It's tough to go to school and be able to attend classes/study/etc while dealing with an idol schedule. The majority of them will probably get special treatment getting in as well as special treatment in order to be able to graduate. Of course there are probably exceptions and the school can probably do whatever they want but the regular students looking at this have a right to complain About it

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