Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chinese 'Running Man' places 1st in viewership ratings

[Naver: OSEN] Chinese 'Running Man' 1st place in viewership ratings 'syndrome'

1. [+4460, -81] Is it because China is so big that the first place in viewership ratings is only 2%?

2. [+3702, -48] SBS must make a lot of money off of 'Running Man'ㄷㄷㄷ

3. [+2997, -256] These days, the Korean 'Running Man' is so funㅋㅋㅋ It seems like 'Running Man' is going's really popular in France as well

4. [+2266, -28] 1st place is 2.489ㄷㄷ

5. [+1508, -73] I see~ (10 letters)
-Am I the only one that doesn't get it...
-Isn't that referring to 'Abnormal Summit' Zhang Yuan's phrase?
-Zhang Yuan's comment ㅋㅋ

6. [+230, -11] 'Running Man' was really unpopular in the beginning and was in danger of being canceled but now, well.. it represents Hallyu entertainment...variety shows in SBS failed this year so I think 'Running Man' deserves the Daesang award

7. [+206, -4] You idiots, they didn't steal it. It was done formally through payments. If we're comparing it to something in our country, it's like SNL so there is no problem at all.

8. [+200, -9] I live in China, I see a lot of people watching the Korean 'Running Man' on the subway

9. [+175, -2] Running in 'Infinite Challenge' and persevering on 'Running Man'ㅎㄷㄷㄷ...Yoo Jaesuk is a wall

10. [+164, -4] The episode that ranked first place was when the Korean members guested on it


  1. Yup Running Man is famous tbh...even anti-kpop like it

  2. I watched only 1 episode and didnt really like it.. or did i start with the wrong episode?

  3. Are you talking about the Korean one or the Chinese one? I just watched one episode because my bias(? and I really didn't understand much, but it was funny. In a couple of days I'm going to watch the last one, in which Kangnam is guesting.

    From opinions in general, it's a funny show and the members are likeable but idk. You must have started with the wrong episode LOL

  4. The korean cast of running man will always be legendary .
    each one of them is a piece of puzzle that makes the whole picture complete.
    Running man thank you for making me laugh all this time .

  5. the korean one, i dont even remember which one i chose it just people chasing each other trying to catch that name tag thingy.. idk didnt seem that interesting to me

  6. Yeah the things they do aren't really that interesting, but what they say and the editing makes everything better LOL

  7. Did anyone sub the episode of the chinese one where the korean members guested??

  8. Lol at Zhang Yuan's keurokuna~~ (I don't know how to romanized it, but it means, "I see". Staff always write this whenever the camera is on Zhang Yuan because of his expression)

  9. its not the chasing interesting well yeah somehow it is. but the way they talk the way they betray the way they tease each other. clap clap to the editing

  10. Should I start Korean version from the very first episode or can I start from a random one? Can I still understand what's going on? Can someone explain me?

  11. 8. [+200, -9] I live in China, I see a lot of people watching the Korean 'Running Man' on the subway

    Umm....China has over 1.3 billion people. 2.5% of that is over 32.5 million people. That's still amazing.

  12. I recommend watching the first episode,