Saturday, October 25, 2014

'WGM' Eunrim couple

[Naver: OSEN] 'WGM' Kim Soeun, did you ever see such a charming and cunning lady

1. [+337, -9] Kim Soeun and Song Jaerim are the most fun to watch

2. [+248, -13] She's pretty and even has a good personality....ha ㅠ

3. [+222, -6] They're fun to watch but please increase their airtime!!

4. [+196, -9] I think Kim Soeun and Song Jaerim could become a real couple.

5. [+163, -9] They make me want to raise a cat. 

6. [+64, -3] I think that the Song Jaerim and Kim Soeun couple best fits WGM. They don't seem fake but it's not like it's undistinguishable whether they're friends or a couple. And more than anything, they don't seem like they're acting. They seem the most natural so I like them. I hope this couple stays in WGM for a long, long time. 

7. [+54, -3] They seem like they knew each other for a long time and aren't awkward around each other, they seem natural. It was funny when they were laughing when she called him perverted. 

8. [+52, -4] I think they can go ahead and only broadcast this couple ㅋㅋ

9. [+51, -5] They're the most natural and real coupleㅋㅋ

10. [+42, -1] If they were actually 100% acting then the male and female acting award goes to the Song Jaerim and Kim Soeun couple. 


  1. I love them. They seem the realest. Top faves along with Ga In/ Jo Kwon, Heechul/Puff Guo, and now them. I love the friendly vibes. They act like a couple who have been dating before the show started. Natural is best.

  2. I cant believe that I'm into We got married again LOL This couple is so fun to watch.

  3. Easily the realest couple ever broadcasted on WGM.

  4. Kyaaa!~ I love this couple!! Sly Jae Rim keke
    They're both very straight forward people so I'm glad they're not acting all like "this is my first time ever" Kim So Eun always cringe at everything he does haha but I'm sure she enjoys it as much as the viewers :)

  5. i started watching wgm again for them.. :D

  6. I started watching WGM again because of them.