Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Popular rock artist, Shin Haechul, passes away at the age of 46 + Sam Okyere's message

[Naver: OSEN] Sam Okyere on Shin Haechul "It was an honor to have been on a show with him"

Sam Okyere wrote on his SNS: "It was an honor to have been on a show with Shin Haechul hyungnim. Hyungnim, go to a place that gives you no pain and stay happy. It seems like I can only express my sadness because I have to let go of this good connection. I will pray for you hyungnim. This is what James said when he left the show but... I want to dedicate this poem to you, hyungnim: 'Finding a lasting friend is like waiting for a shooting star. Those kinds of friends protect you from even the unexpected roaring waves of the sea and gives you happiness and joy. A lifelong friend is an immeasurable blessing and worth more than the universe. Their existence in our lives is a never-ending free versed poem."

Shin Haechul was found unconscious from cardiac arrest. He was moved to Asan Hospital to receive treatment and an emergency surgery. On 8:19 p.m. of the 27th, Mawang (the Devil) has passed away.

1. [+233, -5] Wasn't 'Abnormal Summit' the latest program Shin Haechul appeared in laughing away?? I believe that he will be in a better place..

2. [+200, -3] Just a few weeks ago he came out on 'Abnormal Summit' as a cute ahjusshi and so I looked at him positively...rest in peace. Be at a better place and rest comfortably. 

3. [+145, -5] As expected, Sam Okyere even has a kind heart
(TN: Ah...from Ochiri to Otswiri to Okyere.... sorry guys. From looking at his instagram, I guess it's actually Okyere ;;) 

4. [+118, -2] Mawang-nim, rest comfortably...rest in peace

5. [+29, -1] It's such a shame.. rest in peace

6. [+26, -1] ㅠㅠㅜBut not too long ago I saw him on 'Abnormal Summit'  Whenever there's a rerun of that episode, my heart will ache...  


  1. It feels really weird.. he was such a nice guy. May he rest in peace please.

  2. May the guy rest in peace. I really enjoyed him when he was on Abnormal Summit. He was adorable laughing his butt off at the cast.

    As for Sam's name, don't stress out too much about because he goes by all three of them. His reason for not promoting under his real last name in Korea is because it's hard for people to pronounce.