Saturday, October 25, 2014

Henry the variety-dol

1. [+1122, 109] More than anything, I think Henry is liked because he's innocent and isn't fake. He answers everything honestly as well....It's hard to find such an innocent and cheerful guy like him...^^

2. [+946, -70] I feel like his true character is really 4-Dㅋㅋㅋ.  But ever since he went to the army, it seems like he has changed. Should I say that he became more Korean-like? Anyways, in comparison to the beginning, he changed. 

3. [+744, -75] Henry!! When you first came on 'Real Men', I wondered if you would actually do well but at some point, it seemed like you had already become adjusted. Seeing you work hard even though you're a foreigner made me feel that you have changed a lot~~ Also, most importantly, because you're funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Your silly charms and innocence, just stay the way you are.

4. [+637, -63] Henry~~ Have strength^^

5. [+329, -16] Henry's biggest advantage is his optimism and honesty. I think he is liked because he has a character that you can't find in us. 

6. [+103, -8] Whenever I see Henry, I don't see him as a celebrity. If he was my neighbor, I feel like he would greet me first by saying "Hello~I'm Henry~" every time he saw me! He seems kind of disobedient but~ You can never hate him and it seems like he's always joking around, but he has a serious and deep side to him. He has the type of character that you would always want in your best friend! 

7. [+98, -9] He's just too honest and realㅋㅋ He's a celebrity but doesn't care about his there are times when he surprises us and becomes a hot topic... He seems like one of the few celebrities that are not fake.. do more well. 

8. [+101, -13] Henry virusㅋI totally like him. There aren't much things that makes me laugh these days but I am able to laugh because of Henry!!

9. [+96, -13] Henry.. If you're reading this, I just like you~! Hwaiting.

10. [+92, -13] He's funny because he doesn't stage it, he's cute


  1. U are backk :)))))))
    Yay thank u for the trans.

    I am glad henry is getting positive comments ^^

  2. After all the hate he received for the only13, finally people can see his talent and his amazing personality!

  3. henry is love henry is life lol :)

  4. I miss you for the past month. Welcome back :) 😊😘🙆💕

  5. did he really say that? lmao henry