Monday, October 27, 2014

'Abnormal Summit' apologizes for using the Japanese anthem as background music


[Naver: Star News] 'Abnormal Summit' Formal apology for use of Kimigayo as background music "The mistake of the staff"

JTBC's variety program 'Abnormal Summit' sent out a formal apology for using 'Kimigayo', the Japanese anthem, as its background music. Terada Takuya, the Japanese representative of the show, was replaced by Takeda Hiromitsu on the 27th. As Hiromitsu was entering the conference room, the background music could be heard, displeasing the viewers. Kimigayo was the representative song during the Empire of Japan and its militarism.

The staff made a formal apology on its Facebook page on the 28th: "We sincerely apologize for the improper use of background music during the entrance of the Japanese representative on the 17th episode broadcasted on October 27th. This is the fault of the staff in which they carelessly did not make sure to check properly. We will become more cautious so that a similar event like this will not happen again in the future. We sincerely apologize to the viewers again for our improper use of song choice. We will become an 'Abnormal Summit' staff that works more harder."

1. [+4032, -73] How could they make a mistake like that...

2. [+3425, -61] What a shame for the cast. To say this was a mistake is a bit... 

3. [+2594, -67] Ah. . . . . let's really not make mistakes like this

4. [+1958, -137] Wasn't it intended and not a mistake ㅋㅋIf done once it's a mistake, but if it's repeated then it's intended.. Gives me goosebumps how there are pro-Japanese people working here and there in hidden places

5. [+1847, -62] A h .................

6. [+636, -12] Mistake? Look here, you don't pick out a random background song without knowing the title of it. It was obvious that you guys picked out the Kimigayo song. Thinking about letting this pass over by writing a few lines of saying it was a mistake when it was played out so openly? This isn't even funny. 

7. [+625, -11] Was it really a mistake? Reveal who played the song and how it came to be.

8. [+584, -9] I really liked 'Abnormal Summit' and all of the G11. Even as a huge fan, I think this isn't could they. 

9. [+556, -8] To think they did something as crazy as this..why on earth do they not have any historical sense? Did they become staff by waiting for their turn in a line and not taking their broadcasting exam? tsk tsk 

10. [+578, -70] I've never imagined in my life that I would be hearing Kimigayo in a broadcasted episode. I really liked 'Abnormal Summit' but I've been disappointed properly. This is an automatic broadcasting apology. Take this show off air. This isn't something that can just just pass over. And there must be ignorant fools that are foaming at the mouth right now while shielding this. 


  1. Honestly ive been constantly worried about abnormal summit. Its because theres a saying - the faster you climb, the harder you fall. Abnormal summit gained explosive popularity ever since it began, which means there are strong attention on the show, good and bad. From what i know they have made quite a few mistakes already. If this keeps going on, im really afraid that the show might be taken off air. Now i cant help but think that every other article after this, at least one comment will bring up about this "pro japanese" thing.

  2. I was worried too. I really hoped that this show wouldn't cancel or have a huge controversy but it's inevitable to even this show. I don't think an apology can help recover this problem either. Such a shame this show had so much potential but it had to be ruined by the staff. I have a feeling this controversy is gonna be dragged along with this show now.

  3. Hi
    I'm glad all of you are as fascinated as we were, in Korea, about this show and I thank you for your interests
    So let me explain it to you simple, why people like me, Koreans, want this show to be cancelled.

    I think you all understand what 'Kimigayo' means to us and why it is a big issue.
    The Nazi analogy is excellent and speaks for itself.
    But furthermore this song was used during Japanese Reign to torment our people in one of the greatest culture eradication attempt in recorded history.
    Our people were forced to sing this once everyday while saluting the flag of Japan.
    People who could not sing it completely, made mistake, refused to sing or just plain sang it 'bad'?
    Tortured and/or killed.
    So when our first government that fought against Japanese Empire celebrated the liberation of Korea, they swore never to have this song played or sung inside Korea.
    So successful that most of us did not even know that song played on Ep 17 was in fact Kimigayo.
    So when Abnormal Summit played this song willingly (its completely RIDICULOUS to say that people in charge did not know what Kimigayo is, its their job to know) they not only mocked our people that fought for liberation but also mocked our whole foundation as a Nation.

    So the act cannot be accepted, forgiven and/or tolerated.
    Therefore the show must be cancelled, the heaviest punishment that we can think of at the moment.