Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Chinese version of 'Running Man', 'Run, Brother', comes to Korea

This is the heart of hallyu, 'Myeongdong'. This is a filming set. Countless cameras can be seen. It must be a set for a variety show, right?

We zoomed in. 

Name tags can be seen. Is this where Yooruce Willis, Giraffe, Spartan-ggookseu, Big Nose hyung-nim, and Monday Couple can be seen? 

The name tags are unfamiliar. Bam! Hanja. 

Perhaps these are Chinese tourists playing 'Running Man'? 

Just then, a familiar name appears.

Yes, she is Angelababy. The beauty star representative of the country. She is extremely popular in her country. She came to Korea with a name tag on her back.

Is it their own version of SBS-TV's 'Running Man'?

We will now reveal the Chinese version of 'Running Man'. The Chinese title is called 'Run, Brother'. It takes after the 'Running Man' format and is produced in China.

Also, on the 13th, 'Run, Brother' came to Korea. They went around Seoul and Jeju-do and filmed for 2 nights and 3 days. 'Dispatch' came to their set.

The Chinese version of 'Running Man' is the center for actors. Actors Deng Chao, Wang Baoqiang, Li Chen, Lin Gengxin, Chen He, and Zheng Kai. These are the most popular actors in China right now.

Baby joins as the only female here.

"Baby has risen"

They first play a team mission in Myeongdong. It is the traditional Korean game, Jegichagi. 

We focused on the only female, Angelababy. However, her body could not keep up with her will. The more she failed, the more her shoulders drop. 

"Why can't I do it"

"My heart says I can do 100 though~"

She gets exasperated the more she fails, she reveals her secret card.

That is---.


It was something the staff needed. She holds the Korean flag and gives a gwiyomi (cutie) pose. But the 'Run, Brother' staff is not easy. They don't easily fall in to Angelababy's aegyo. 

So what does Angela do?

"Sexy moves~"

"The country's wave?"

"One more time?"

"The result is?"

"Oh~ baby"

They even have a break time during the shoot. Angela orders an iced coffee to relieve the heat. 

'Run, Brother' requires physical strength. As expected, Angelababy is tired from running all day. However, is she having a nice time filming in Korea? You can see her smile. 

"I'm tired but I like it"

"An unexpected goddess look"

The 'Run, Brother' team ends their filming in Myeongdong. 

And also, later that nightt~

'Run, Brother' arrives in Jeju-do. With matching jackets, to Jeju-do~. 

"Ddinghao~ Jeju"

They also had a special meeting in Jeju. A surprise present for 'Run, Brother'. 

It's a blurry photo, but they can be seen even from there silhouettes. A person who is a head taller than most, an animal comes to mind. Even from the way he walks.

The Korean 'Running Man' team appears. Kwangsoo and Gary is led by Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Jonggook, HaHa, Ji Sukjin, and Song Jihyo. 

The meeting of the Korean and Chinese Running Man, you can watch the results when it broadcasts!

The Chinese 'Running Man' ran again and again in Korea. They also had a meaningful meeting with the Korean 'Running Man' team. That's how they filled their 2 nights and 3 days. 

But wait, let's talk with Angelababy. 

"Because of our busy filming, I couldn't go sightseeing. However, I felt the clean air and saw the pretty skies of Jeju-do so it was a relief. I fell for it. The people here were very passionate. When I come here next time, I want to eat as many Korean foods as I want. I also want to enjoy the beautiful landscape."

"Super Wonder Woman" 

"I love Korea"

"I like Korea"

"Good bye, Jai jien~"


[Naver: Dispatch] (Dispatch GO) "Run! Angela Baby"... 'Running Man'

1. [+3380, -621] Seems like Song Jihyo is more pretty. 
-They're both pretty so stop comparing.
-Lee Kwangsoo is prettier.

2. [+2473, -142] When she's not dolled up, she looks like a plain Southeast Asian person. She's pretty. 
-ㅋㅋㅋBullshit to her looking plain. She has a fucking fancy look to her.
-Angelababy's breasts are also baby
-Southeast Asians have a lot of pretty people tooㅋㅋIt's just that their makeup styles are countrified
-Why is she plain, she looks freaking pretty..

3. [+1773, -160] Seems like we'll be getting comments like another example of plagiarism, another counterfeit... they formally gave money to China and they're using the format that they bought from SBS;; 

4. [+1777, 287] I had a shock when I saw Angelababy's past pictures. She looked totally different. When you see pretty people on the streets these days, you have to be suspicious of whether they had plastic surgery. 
-That wasn't Angelababy. She filed a report to the person who spread those pictures saying it was her when it wasn't. 

5. [+1606, -231] She's pretty but Tang Wei is the best. That woman doesn't have the sophisticated aura that comes from Tang Wei.

6. [+243, -22] She's old and small. She looks different to the other pictures that showed her looking like a goddess and made me starstruck. 

7. [+208, -9] She's pretty but.. she's so so skinny that without her actress apparel and with just a T-shirt on, she looks like nothing... old looking?ㅜㅜ kind of feel. If they did her makeup better and if she gained a bit more weight, she will definitely look pretty enough. 

8. [+194, -16] What's the reason she looks like a grandma...

9. [+155, -12] What the, people kept saying goddess goddess so I had my expectations up but it fell short to it

10. [+147, -33] Chinese women are pretty but countrified. What's worse than looking ugly is looking countrified. Japanese woman are sophisticated but ugly . . Korean women are sophisticated and pretty 
-To what standards are you saying that from
-The general public's standards are that Japanese is 1st while Korean=Chinese. So if Koreans don't do double eyelid surgery or plastic surgery, the northern Chinese look prettier...... that was the evaluation of people working abroad in Korea for 8 years and of 50 countries who came to travel..... there are a lot of Koreans that have small eyes.....that is the feature of Koreans...we also have the lowest amount of people with double eyelids....that is the ethnic feature of Koreans
-There are a lot more Korean girls that look ugly! Look closely when you're on the subway or on the streets?!


  1. 1. [+3380, -621] Seems like Song Jihyo is more pretty.
    -They're both pretty so stop comparing.
    -Lee Kwangsoo is prettier.
    Kwang Ja is goddess..

  2. Wow. So she wasnt plastic after all. Shes sooooo freakishly beautiful omg

  3. nation's goddesses

  4. Nope. she is the definition of plastic.

  5. I think we can all agree that people just have different tastes...I personally think Angelababy is very pretty. It's kind of how alot of Western kpop fans don't see the hype in Yoona

  6. Sterotypes. I agree the SEAsians are not pretty. But definitely koreans looks does not place that top either.

  7. Her surgeon(s) are very talented, then!

  8. Not like ji hyo at all. Weak, resorts to charming men in order to get what she wants, no appeal. Those who watch probably look at her face and all only. Ew. No hate thanks. And yoo jae suk and haha said they were so arrogant. If this ever tries to get in the way of the kor ver ofrunning man, korean rm fans will bash and trash the chinese one. What did sbs want to achieve by making a chinese version. Ugh.

  9. where can i watch this? the one which they meet each other? i thought they have a name tag elimination. is it true?

  10. It pisses me off that they view Southeast Asians to be below East Asians in beauty. Korea really has a terrible culture that's obsessed in ethnocentric beauty, yet they're so keen on ridding themselves of the unique feature their people have: their single eyelids.

  11. running man korea is still the best

  12. i even think she is prettier than Ji hyo , am i blind no just different taste