Friday, September 26, 2014

tvN's 'Surplus Princess' struggles with viewership ratings + Cut down to 10 episodes


'Surplus Princess' is a drama about the reality of job hunters and the fantasy of mermaids. 
Also, a well-known PD from 'SNL Korea', Baek Seungryong took over as the director and 'SNL Korea' actors Kim Mingyo and Kim Seulgi happened to be casted together as well. 

However, the ratings were lower than expected. The first episode started with a 0.84% viewership rating but it hit its highest rating on the fourth episode with a 0.98%. Since then, it maintained a steady rating of about 0.6%.

As a result, 'Surplus Princess' included many cameos from Yoo Seyoon, Yoo Byungjae, Kang Yongseok, and even Ra Miran and Crayon Pop.

1. [+1608, -57] Really is a mermaid that no one cares about

2. [+1017, -57] They can't even overcome 1% of comments

3. [+979, -46] The viewer ratings are following the storyline 

4. [+816, -53] Honestly, I wondered if there really was such a drama like this

5. [+648, -43] The drama is following its story's valueㅋㅋ

6. [+128, -14] Seems like even tvN has makjang dramas, this time it's about a mermaid

7. [+125, -15] The female lead really can't act

8. [+118, -12] None of the actors really stood out and...since the drama is about them finding jobs, it seemed like a suffocating and annoying storyline. I like tvN dramas but I skipped out on this one

9. [+110, -6] The story isn't that bad but no answer for the main also lacked promotions

10. [+104, -11] Just make a 'Let's Eat 2'~~~ 

1. [+1227, -76] It was fun though, it was an easy watch for me...but a negative factor from it was that they dragged it on too much and they didn't air a lot of reruns 

2. [+1122, -111] Ah, whyㅠㅠ... I enjoyed watching think that I can't be able to see Shikyung anymoreㅠㅠ

3. [+846, -77] But I was keeping up with this drama and enjoyed watching it........don't be like that

4. [+727, -67] It was fun, just keep it going

5. [+576, -126] There aren't even any comments since people don't watch this show

6. [+114, -17] Just air it at the 10pm time-slot on Wed-Thurs!! It's more fun to watch than those on the public channels..

7. [+113, -19] It was more refreshing than those dramas in the public channels.. why you gotta be like this tvn?

8. [+1110, -18] I happened to watch the reruns of the first two episodes. I enjoyed them so I planned to continue watching it but it airs at a weird time of 11pm and it only airs once a week and the times for the reruns are kind of weird as well so it's expected that people lose the chance to watch it. Dramas should at least be aired twice a week to keep up with its freshness and anticipation....., speaking of which, it's also such a shame how the 'The Three Musketeers' is also needing for viewers to watch it on its airtime when it only comes out once a week! 


  1. It was actually such a fun drama tho. First drama I've watched properly (didn't skip scenes/eps or drop it half way through) in ages.

  2. no pleaseeeee, i love this drama, i love everything abt this drama except the devil woman, i love how big will end up with hyeyoung which is not meet any my expectation, aaaaah jebal ㅠㅠ

  3. T.T Otooookiiiii i love this drama it's so funny
    thank you ^^

  4. Hi :) not sure if you watch it but can I request for koreas next top model articles? :) if anyone isn't watching it I highly recommend :) yubisubs is currently subbing the series! :)

  5. but the drama was really fun :( jo boah and seulgi are the cutest tbh. I love their friendship :)

  6. Nooooo i wanted to see more of big and the other girl

  7. I really liked it... :( it was different in a good way and it also seemed to parody certain things which made it interesting

  8. the male character looks like chen *.* i love him