Friday, September 26, 2014

'Mix and Match' Episode 3

'믹스앤매치' 양홍석이 첫 안무연습에 힘들어했다. ⓒ Mnet 방송화면

1. [+550, -63] He can't even dance so how did he get in..seems like getting into YG have gotten easier?

2. [+516, -47] What's the point of this program.. no matter how much I think about it I think it would have been fine to debut the 6 just as they were, so why make such an effort in doing this kind of program? Did anything good come out of letting everyone know of the Illjin trainee that sexually assaulted and to let his image go down the drain? Maybe B Team should just move to another company after their contract ends.

3. [+414, -41] Even for someone like B.I., it's just too much for him to be the leader

4. [+317, -23] I don't know if it's because his personality is normally timid or it's because of the attitude that the competition brings out in him.....

5. [+152, -9] Of course, he has been a trainee for 2 weeks ㅋㅋㅋHe hasn't even learned how to dance yet so what is Yang Hyunsuk doing. What was he thinking?..freaking frustrating

6. [+132, -13] Everyone's having a hard time in their own way, but the more I see B.I., the more I feel he's amazing. At his young age..even though we get to see him because of Bobby. 

7. [+104, -3] I don't think he's a bad kid but his skills are a bit... I hope he just grits his teeth and works hard

8. [+107, -9] How can someone who can't dance keep up with someone with 2~3 years of experience? Not even Michael Jackson would be able to even do that. He needs time and experience to keep up. 

1. [+2035, -53] Bobby is so cool~~~~!!♥♥♥

2. [+1952, -50] Freaking Bobby, he's fu*king cool. Gives me the goosebumps when he raps

3. [+1802, -51] He's just too cool......KimBap

4. [+1561, -152] But the kid who acts is better. He seems to have a good personality and he'll fit in with the team well. 

5. [+1357, -102] Don't just sit there laughing, please just debut the 6 of them.

'믹스앤매치' 비아이가 압박감으로 힘겨워했다. ⓒ Mnet 방송화면

[Naver: X Sports News] 'Mix and Match' Bobby, a pitiful 'special leader's' wandering

1. [+2152, -46] Before a leader of a team, he's just a normal 19 year old son

2. [+1853, -49] I feel really bad for B.I.....

3. [+1593, -40] If you work hard now, it will pay off in the future 

4. [+1444, -57] B.I., you're already the best. Don't be tired. Today, I choked back my tears as well.

5. [+1363, -41] Watching this yesterday made me sad....He's still 19ㅠㅜ


  1. Thank you so much :))
    Team bobby really did well
    Bobby is really good and explosive with rap but i was really impressed with donghyuk's vocals
    He definately improved a lot since win days.

    New trainee hongseok his voice is hood. He said he doesnt prefer hiphop music so we have to see in future.

    I feel bad & proud for b.i. he has too many burdens. He handled m&m, smtm3 and composing/producing for winner & ikon all at once. For a 17 year old to do that its amazing. He deserves every praises.

    I am rooting for team b in ikon.

  2. This got annoying the moment it started again x_x
    Or rather I'm starting to get annoyed with anything YG-related... From BB and their comeback, the scandals, the lack of musical activities from they artist, this show... everytime an article comes out I'm like 'ugh STOP IT ALREADY!' What happened YG? Antes eras chevere ㅠㅠ
    Just hope he won't forget Akmu. The moment he dares let those kids rot in the basement, I'll swim all the way to Korea and take over YGent

  3. Because I'm a fan and I expect for once to see anything possitive? And the fact that it's getting annoying doesn't mean I'm not interested nor that I don't care about Team B, lol. My annoyance goes to YG, not the artists

  4. Hanbin, team B fighting!!!! >___<

  5. I'm also supporting the kid who act. His personality is good and you can feel that he really want to be in the team. I want the 6members of Team B to debut AND that kid. FIGHTING <3

  6. "I'm starting to get annoyed with anything YG-related" ....hmm....

  7. could you translate this pls:

  8. Could pretty please translate an article about surplus princess I really want to know how it's viewed and like in South Korea,

  9. ... What exactly are you trying to point out? I don't understand what you're trying to do lol

  10. Technically... Hes still 17....... Can't believe he's going through this TT

  11. oh yea i like him the most out of the 3 new trainees. jinhyeong idk y i dont really like him...

  12. Me too. The reason I dont like inhyeong is because of his past. Chanwoo look so innocent and clueless that i want him to succeed xD

  13. agreed. and i'm mad when knet didn't mention about dong hyuk. his vocals really shocked me