Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[Pann] The visuals of SM Rookies

Rami (Kim Sungkyung)


She debuted in 'Five Fingers' as a child actor

They say she got scouted by SM (casting ㄴㄴ)

I know that he's a CF star...appeared in Seoul Milk advertisements

They say his real name is Jeno



His real name is listed as Mark and Sully but I don't know.

He came from Canada. (He's from Canada like Red Velvet's Wendy but he's Korean)

He's.... a 6th or 8th grader, either way, young.

Rami, Jisung, Mark, Jeno

Jisung was born on 2002 and his real name is Park Jisung

But he said he likes dancing more than soccer

He's good at dancing


Seems like they're best friends just like Irene&Seulgi(during their rookie days)...

Donghyuk, Jeno, Mark, Jisung, EXO Lay

There's nothing much found about Donghyuk but him and Mark were hosting on a Rookies video. (The most recent official release)


Seems like if you want to get into the Rookies, you have to be up to their level...

[Nate: Pann] SM Rookies Kid line visuals

1. [+99, -3] For some reason, it seems like later on even SM will slowly reveal the rookies during practice and raise them like Johnny's;;;;; Kind of get the chills... Japanese ahjummas getting excited over these young kids makes me get goosebumps and;; the Johnny that uses those kinds of tactics seems like a pervert... I hope at least our country doesn't have fanatics going crazy over watching these young kids...

2. [+95, -6] They're trainees so showing them off too much is not really nice to see. I'd much rather see matured and finished people rather than these young I'm against the Rookies...☆★

3. [+85, -4] A 2003er is 12 years old ㅋㅋㅋI don't know when they started as trainees but if they debut at 18, the minimum is 6 yearsㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+23, -3] Getting goosebumps.. makes me wonder what they're doing with such young kids

5. [+14, -0] I'm a child actor but seeing that scouted kid (was it Rami), it reminded me of Sully. I was also scouted by SM so I was an idol but what if they turn out like SullyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSully was also a child actress so she wanted to pursue acting instead of singing so there's a commotion. For sure they convinced them when scouting that they can do acting if they become a singer.. The reality of it is it's just going up and down on stage with a killer schedule as money making machines...

6. [+14, -0] Rami is pretty. When she's older, she'll be one of the female idols in charge of beauty. 

7. [+13, -0] I saw Rami in real life at the salon, she's just a kid but she's freaking prettyㅋㅋ


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