Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jonghyun apologizes

[Naver: TV Report] Jonghyun 'Infinite Challenge' Controversy apology..."I'm sorry"

I made a typo! I apologize to HaHa hyung as well.

I'll also be featuring in the next radio show so please look out for it!
I learned a lot through this broadcast.
I apologize once again!
Send lots of love to  'Blue Night' and 'Infinite Challenge'!

I received a lot of advice after the Infinite Challenge broadcast.
Since I'm close with HaHa hyung, without realizing it, I made viewers disappointed in my state of excitement.
I'm sorry to the Infinite Challenge fans.
I also apologize to the Blue Night family.
I'm also sorry to HaHa hyung.

1. [+13744, -1229] I watched Infinite Challenge yesterday but I don't get why he's getting so much hate.. it's just because he's an idol that people are putting him down

2. [+10368, -896] I don't know if Jonghyun should even be apologizing. It's not like Jonghyun was cursing. So should he be all serious and still in a variety show? He was just joking around with his close hyung. 

3. [+10025, -664] Explain to me exactly what made it a controversy. I didn't see anything wrong when I was watching it yesterday.

4. [+7739, -611] Why are there so many serious freaks that watch variety shows as documentaries. Watching Infinite Challenge yesterday, I found nothing offensive. Just by looking at them, I just thought they were joking around because they're close. Now he has to apologize for these people with inferiority complexes ;/

5. [+5779, -817] It's nice seeing him apologize quickly. I see, it's because they're close 

6. [+1258, -151] So SM kids even apologize for things like this. 

7. [+1120, -93] Yesterday???? I watched it though????? What part????? There's nothing written about what he said

8. [+1083, -87] I request someone to tell me what part he had to apologize for..

9. [+930, -81] I'm really curious but what did he do wrong..?I enjoyed watched Infinite Challenge yesterday with HaHa and Jonghyun.

10. [+894, -78] In what part did he do wrong and deserves hate. I watched Infinite Challenge yesterday laughing. Why is he apologizing. Tell me what part it is. 

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